Digital Account Manager

${___('location')}: Sydney, Australia

Job Description

  • Be the day-to-day point of contact for the clients you are responsible for, keeping them informed of the status of projects and handling their requests promptly and thoroughly.
  • Develop and manage a trusting relationship with clients, with the determination to provide the highest standard of service and a laser focus on results.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer requirements, industry trends and target audiences to be able to devise digital marketing strategies that will help achieve their digital marketing goals.
  • Relay key information and strategic guidance to the Shines Digital team so that they have the information required to make educated optimisations to the accounts.
  • Complete regular and ad hoc analysis of marketing projects and broader market trends to glean and articulate meaningful, actionable commercial insights, presenting results to clients and making recommendations on areas for optimization to meet and exceed customer ROAS targets.
  • Anticipate and identify trends and needs before the client recognises them.
  • Recognise client signals that reflect concern about the quality of Shines Digital’s service or results and take appropriate corrective action.
  • Set specific, realistic time frames for campaigns, setting an expectation and clearly communicating to clients. And then ensure that what we say we will deliver is delivered on time.
  • Write creative briefs for designers and copywriters and clearly articulate the needs for effective advertising.
  • Play a support role in new business as required.
  • Contribute to internal process development, documenting procedures, developing training material and other collateral beneficial to the team as well as our clients.

Job Ad

Shines Digital is looking for a Digital Account Manager with deep experience in social media and excited to work with a collaborative and innovative team. Perhaps you are a digital marketing specialist looking for an exciting step into a customer-facing role or you could be a seasoned digital account manager looking for a new challenge. We look less at years of experience and more for evidence of growth and potential. We are especially excited to hear about your experience or interest in TikTok advertising.

If you are an organised, proactive and curious person with an interest in developing meaningful agency-customer relationships, read on!

Who Are We?

Shines Digital is an independent, rapidly growing and innovative performance marketing agency, led by industry veterans with previous experience growing digital marketing agencies, as well as working client-side. We understand our customers and we know this industry inside-out. We are driven, passionate and always open to learning more, sharing what we do know and helping our team succeed in achieving their own goals, beyond the goals of the agency.

There is no one size fits all approach here, whether it comes to our staff or our customers, who receive a tailor-made service we are proud of. We work with exciting brands, including Australian household names, international brands, as well as innovative startups and scaleups taking their products to the global market.

We also know when to take a break, re-balance and maintain focus on the important things in life, of which work is just one. We are proud of our unique culture and genuinely care about our people, continually striving to get the balance right between high performance and a focus on our families and whatever makes the world go around for each of us outside of work. We are one team and look out for each other. We are only looking for people to join us who can do the same to help us grow our team into a community we will all be proud to be a part of. With an office located just 100m from Manly beach, you're welcome to duck out for a swim or a surf - the CEO does. And if the weather is great and you feel like it, we can take a meeting by the beach too.

Truly people-focused, joining Shines Digital means ample opportunity to grow and develop new skills, recognition of your achievement and reward when it's due.

How we will know you're the one:

  • You possess a growth mindset and are not afraid to challenge the status quo, proactively stepping into an “agent of change” role when you identify a business growth opportunity.
  • You are able to independently attain a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s industry and business.
  • You are comfortable rolling up your sleeves and diving into some hands-on work when needed.
  • You are comfortable working in an agile, fast-paced environment, actively contributing to maintaining a high performance people-first culture.
  • You are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience.
  • You possess good judgment and decision-making aptitude, being able to think on your feet, ask the right questions, move fast and execute with precision.
  • You like a mix of independent and collaborative work.
  • You are highly organized and self-motivated, with a methodical, thorough and structured approach to work while managing a dynamic workload and handling deadlines like a boss.
  • You have excellent communication skills and are able to articulate yourself clearly.
  • You have excellent analytical skills being able to to translate quantitative analysis into insights to use as a basis to make data led decisions.

If this sounds like you and we sound like your kind of people, we look forward to chatting to you soon. Email your CV to fleur@shinesdigital.com. 

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Manet Conolly

Account Manager

At Shines Digital I... help manage accounts and communications between our specialists and our clients. I can also be found helping out with creative reviews and content plans.

I'm an expert in... all things creative and social!

Previously I... worked as a graphic designer and content coordinator for a non-for-profit.

Life's even brighter when I... get to aimlessly wandering around to find the best hidden brunch spots.

A fun fact about me is... I’m a professional dog-sitter in my spare time!

Scot Ennis


At Shines Digital I... make sure the team is happy, balanced, and thriving. If I do that, then our wonderful people can deliver great results for our deserving clients.

I'm an expert in... being dad to my three kids. At least, that’s what I like to think! (So if anyone has any tips I'm all ears.) I also advise businesses on growth and trade sales.

Previously I... founded, built and sold Switched On Media (now Essence). And before that, I was a marketer at eBay and Procter and Gamble.

Life's even brighter when I... spend time with my kids. I also love surfing as it's the only time I am not working and… well, not with the kids!!

A fun fact about me is... I used to live in a tent in the jungle in Maui where I was a kitesurfing instructor. I have also been a bus driver in Japan until I crashed the bus (and it was only the second week in the job, sigh).

Fleur Fletcher


At Shines Digital I... ensure the team has what they need to give our clients a fantastic experience and improve their results. It's also important to me that the team feel like their work is aligned to their personal values and that they're having fun.

I'm an expert in... keeping things simple and focusing on what's most important. 

Previously I... have worked as a journalist, marketed hundreds of startups and led acquisition at Michelle Bridges 12WBT. 

Life’s even brighter when I… am hugging my kids, taking ocean swims, enjoying drinks with friends and having lunches with my family.

A fun fact about me is... I have a terrible poker face, but am strangely good at poker!

Mark Gibson

Account Manager

At Shines Digital I... make sure our clients are happy, and keep the communication flowing smoothly to ensure great results.

I'm an expert in... relationship building, community support and user experience.

Previously I... was with Gumtree.com for eight years. Since then I've also worked on various startup platforms, before diving head first into digital marketing.

Life’s even brighter when I… am coaching kids’ sports. (I have two young sporty boys). I also play ice hockey when I can, travel when allowed, and harvest honey when my bees let me.

A fun fact about me is... I once spent six months inline skating around the world as part of an MTV reality tv show.

Kadri Jäger

Growth Strategist

At Shines Digital I... create strategies that help our clients grow. 

I'm an expert in... developing successful campaigns across different digital channels. I love data analysis and also visualising data so that it is understandable for everyone. I’m also a certified Google Ads specialist.

Previously I... worked as a B2B sales manager. I also have a masters degree in sociology and have worked as a data analyst, so I'm really comfortable with numbers. I love to say that my previous work experience has prepared me to be a good digital marketing strategist.

Life’s even brighter when I… am travelling, enjoying good food, and going to the opera. It’s perfect when I can combine all three!

A fun fact about me is... on average I visit 50+ concerts, plays and operas per year and read 50+ books (or 15,000 pages)!

Kristi Kangro

Digital Marketing Specialist

At Shines Digital I... am a digital marketing specialist. 

I'm an expert in... Google Ads, Analytics and Display.

Previously I... worked in both service and retail and I also ran my own business. 

Life's even brighter when I... am outside gardening. I also love reading and watching all things fantasy and sci-fi books, and sewing when I get a chance.

A fun fact about me is... I was in an art group for 12 years but I can't draw!

Kadri Kapsi

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

At Shines Digital I... am a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist.

I'm an expert in... 
Google Ads.

Previously I...
was a Digital Marketing Specialist at a digital marketing agency for almost 5 years.

Life's even brighter when I... 
get to bake.

A fun fact about me is...
 I've seen every episode of "Friends" over 10 times.

Evelin Kivi

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

At Shines Digital I... am a digital marketing specialist. 

I'm an expert in... Google Ads search, video, display and measurement and also Google Analytics.

Previously I... received an economics degree specialising in marketing. I've also been a marketing specialist at a beauty clinic, and helped Estonian musicians to market their new releases.

Life's even brighter when I... get to enjoy singing and songwriting. 

A fun fact about me is... I worked as an extra in the movie TENET. 

Marianne Lekarkin

Digital Marketing Specialist

At Shines Digital I... am a digital marketing specialist. 

I'm an expert in... political science and communications (I have a bachelor's degree). I also have several certifications from Google.

Previously I... worked in a variety of customer service roles, and also as a sales agent for a cruise company in the Baltic Sea.

Life's even brighter when I... go to the gym. I love all sorts of sports, from yoga to boxing and running. I also enjoy drawing, reading, and spending quality time with my friends and family.

A fun fact about me is... I'm able to fall asleep where and whenever... (if I want)!

Pearse Moran

Senior Account Manager

At Shines Digital I... lead the accounts team and help clients create full-funnel, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

I'm an expert in... campaign ideation, email marketing, brand strategy and copywriting.

Previously I... worked in the marketing team for World Nomads, a travel company operating in 140+ countries globally. During my time there I oversaw campaigns, content production, email marketing automation, and strategy.

Life's even brighter when I... play poker, and sports like golf or soccer. Oh, and I don't mind a good book either!

A fun fact about me is... I'm fairly fluent in Japanese, having studied from age four until finishing my degree.

Patricia Penachio Tanabe

Director of Technology and Operations

At Shines Digital I... am involved in all things tech and process. It’s really exciting (at least, it is for me)!

I'm an expert in... digital advertising, especially programmatic, strategy and data.

Previously I... worked for global agencies like Dentsu Aegis Network and Havas on brands like L'Oreal, RedBull, Mercedes-Benz, and Reckitt Benckiser. In Australia, I’ve worked with big corporates like News Corp Australia… it has all led me here to Shines Digital!

Life’s even brighter when I… spend quality time with family and friends over a good meal. Other ‘me time’ activities include yoga, reading, and going to the beach.

A fun fact about me is... my childhood dream was to sell coconuts at the beach. I'm selling ads instead of coconuts, but at least I'm by the beach!

Taavi Raidma

Managing Partner & Founder, Shines Digital Europe

At Shines Digital I... love building dashboards, setting up campaigns and digging deep into the results to figure out what works and what doesn't.

I'm an expert in... search, display and social advertising, SEO, CRO, data analytics, email automation, and marketing training. I also know my way around ad platforms like Google, Facebook ads, and TikTok (to name a few), as well as Google Analytics and Data Studio, and ActiveCampaign.

Previously I... studied economics, management and economic development in the US and UK. I'm a Google Certified Trainer.

Life’s even brighter when I… am playing one of my seven guitars or reading a Stephen King book!

A fun fact about me is... I love mushroom picking and I brew my own mushroom tincture.

Allan Whatmore

New Business Director

At Shines Digital I... help with new relationships (business owners and marketing teams) looking to execute effective marketing campaigns and build deeper connections with their customers

I'm an expert in... B2B sales and account management. I'm passionate about adding value, solving problems, learning new skills, building meaningful connections and doing something that benefits the next generation.

Previously I... ran my own marketplace start-up (in sustainable retail), prior to that I worked in sales/ distribution type roles across a few industries (Financial Services, Funds Management, Commodities and Capital Markets). I completed a Grad Cert in Management at AGSM (UNSW) as well as over 60+ Short Courses on LinkedIn. I'm also a member of YCombinator’s Start-up School.

Life's even brighter when I… am eating good food and spending time with my wife and daughter.

A fun fact about me is... I love to cook, I have 2 fluffy cats and Oporto is my favourite fast food.

Ash Zaman

Account Manager

At Shines Digital I... become an extension of the clients marketing team and help them kick goals.

I'm an expert in... brand management and strategy, UI/UX, public relations, copywriting, social, email and customer experience.

Previously I... spent 5 years at nib Travel working across multiple marketing channels - public relations, SEO, social, content, influencer and email to name a few.

Life's even brighter when I… am watching a good documentary or reading a good book.

A fun fact about me is... I was born upside down (breech birth). It remains a running punchline amongst family and friends to this day *sigh*