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All staff are highly accredited, certified and qualified practitioners.

The agency owners are your day to day contacts and are directly involved in your account daily, not some junior.

We work smart. Time is precious. We zero in on the tactics that work the best.

We deliver the insights that matter and advice that’s effective. Not Colourful Reports

We work around the clock, which doubles your capacity.

We work with integrity. We do the right thing, even if that’s the hard thing to do.

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Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

TikTok and Snapchat Advertising

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Facebook & Instagram Performance Advertising

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Dynamic Remarketing and Efficient Display Advertising

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YouTube Campaigns and YouTube Remarketing

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Certified Google Ads Professionals

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Bing/Microsoft Ads Certified

Our Agency Leadership

ScotFounder and CEO of Shines Digital
Founder Scot Ennis brings an entrepreneurial leader’s passion for growth, a “get it done” attitude, and a zeal for solving complex problems to the clients he serves.

Scot started his career at Procter & Gamble in 1999, where he developed marketing and business acumen alongside the worlds best . After 5 years at P&G managing a portfolio of brands and skill sets, Scot joined eBay as senior marketing manager during an explosive growth phase, at the cutting edge of online marketing.

After 2 years at eBay Scot created as Co-founder and CEO Switched on Media, which Scot accelerated into Australia’s fastest growing digital performance agency over an 8 year period, selling a majority stake in 2012 to WPP, the worlds largest advertising agency group. Scot remained on the board of Switched on Media until selling his remaining minority shareholding in 2017. Switched on Media is now called AKQA.

Known as someone who delivers growth with speed, Scot is CEO and Chair of Shines Digital.

FleurHead of Digital
Fleur is our Head of Digital and Account Strategist, based in the Sydney office.

She was most recently Senior Marketing Manager at Michelle Bridges 12WBT, where she was in charge of CRM, Acquisition and Retention.

Prior to that she held Marketing and Sales roles ShippingEasy and at one of Australia’s early digital incubators, Pollenizer.

Fleur has 15 years of experience and has first class digital strategy acumen. Fleur oversees strategy for all clients at Shines Digital.

Scot and Fleur are supported by a talented group of Certified Google Adwords Individuals, Certified Google Analytics individuals, Certified Google Video Advertising individuals, Certified Google Display Advertising individuals, Certified Google Mobile Advertising Individuals, Certified Google Shopping Advertising Individuals, Certified Google Tag Manager individuals, Digital Marketing specialists, Data Scientists and Business Managers, core team members are listed below

Partner, Strategist

Google Partners Certified
TrainerGoogle Ads Fundamentals Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

DianaCampaign Manager and Designer
Google Ads Fundamentals
Google Ads Search Certification
LindaSEO and CRO Specialist
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Mobile Sites Certification
Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
ConversionXL Certified Optimizer
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified
Hubspot Growth-Driven Design Certified
KadriCampaign Manager
Google Digital Sales Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Ads Search Certification
VeronikaDigital Marketing Strategy
Google Ads Fundamentals
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Display Certification
Hubspot Email Marketing Certified
Is this you?
Is this you?Digital Marketing Specialist
If you are interested in joining the future of Digital Marketing on our team, view our current Job Openings.

Case Studies


For a confidential Retail client, Sales tripled from ~$500K to ~ $1.6M within one month after we reorganised their entire Adwords account.

Keywords and ads were previously duplicated and competing against each other. So we removed the separate location campaigns and created a more consistent one that includes all necessary locations as keywords and where we simply bid higher for people searching near a store.

The result was better visibility, more conversions.

Using exact match keywords and separating similar keywords into different ad groups helped increase the quality scores, which combined with new super-customized ads (keyword and device-specific) allowed us to bring the average click price down by nearly 75% – meaning we were able to accommodate many more clicks within the same budget. Removing many broad match keywords also stopped the ads from showing on irrelevant searches, therefore increasing the CTR.

The dynamic ad groups were also edited to only show for very specific product searches


Shines digital was initially engaged on a small, narrow, Google Adwords test to help a hotel in Japan in early 2018.

The results were immediate and excellent and the scope of the arrangement rapidly grew into Display Advertisng and Facebook Advertising. The engagement now span more than 10 hotels, with Shines Digital now delivering hundreds of bookings to these 10 hotels from customers around the globe.

The client has since engaged us on 2 sister company projects, spanning online travel and Real Estate Development.


Taking over from the incumbent PPC agency in the UK, Shines Digital more than doubled ecommerce volumes of sales via paid search within 2 months.

The creation of a Dynamic search campaign and the re-organisation of the the customers Shopping Campaigns were the centre piece driing this result for this ecommerce client.

Not only did sales rapidly increase, cost per sale decreased considerably in a short period of time.


Shines Digital was engaged in early 2017 by a small travel client in Japan to build a simple adwords account for one property. The work delivered fast results and the engagement grew into 5 different adwords accounts for 5 different properties, each with different target customers.

Over time, Shines Digital became more than just a digital agency supplier to this client. Shines Digital became an advisor to the owners across M&A, growth strategy and operations.

Since engagement in April 2017 first year sales grew at +80%. Year 2 sales were even better. Together, We reshaped the business as a joint partner strategist and continue to advise their business owners today.


For a confidential Events client, we reorganised their entire Adwords account.

By completing a account audit, actioning all the recommendations and daily optimisations, we reduced CPA from $360 to $162 in 2 months

The process involved pausing all non performing campaigns, restructuring the entire account, setting up new ads, creating new content and landing pages and daily optimisations.

Even in the face of the COVID 19 Pandemic in early 2020, we’ve managed to help quickly pivot the clients business to a remote offering that is not only surviving the current crisis but starting to grow again.


We are currently working wth a confidential ecommece client that has operations to accelerate their online sales in Australia and the US

Still early in the engagement we have initially built a dynamic search campaign, across Australia and the US, covering a huge range of product SKU”s across both markets.

Results have been immediate, producing a 30:1 ROAS for the client in the first 2 weeks.


“Shines has been quite proactive in supporting our digital acquisition journey. I also rate them highly in PPC and A/B testing expertise as well as project management.”

“Amazing team of professionals, able to drive amazing traffic numbers to our newly launched website and much more.”


1. 20% More Sales

We usually increase your online leads, online Sales and or reduce your cost per lead by at least 20% within 6 – 12 months.

2. Experienced, highly skilled digital practitioners

You deal with experienced, highly skilled digital practitioners with no go betweens. You get innovative strategies, with transparency, that deliver long term results.

3. Higher Return on Investment

All of clients report receiving a higher return on advertising spend once switching to us. Get in touch today to make the switch.



Game-changing Work

At Shines Digital, you have the opportunity to change the way brands grow.

Our entrepreneurial culture provides early, heightened responsibility.

We reward and recognize your contribution.

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